The Rolling Stones to Debut in Beat Galaxy on Roblox

by Patria

The Rolling Stones, the Grammy-winning rock band and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, are set to make their debut in Beat Galaxy, an immersive music hub on Roblox. This initiative, created by Universal Music Group (UMG) in partnership with Supersocial, pioneers in virtual world development, aims to reimagine music discovery and fan engagement in the digital age. Beat Galaxy will provide users with a unique and interactive way to connect with the band’s beloved music while engaging with other fans.

“Bringing our music to the virtual world of Beat Galaxy is an innovative way to connect with our new and existing fans,” The Rolling Stones stated.

Beat Galaxy on Roblox is designed to be a virtual epicenter for a wide range of UMG labels and artist integrations. The Rolling Stones’ takeover will transform this ever-changing virtual world into an immersive experience that embodies the iconic art, styles, and influences from the band’s illustrious career. Users can expect to play a track-runner game featuring the band’s famous hits, compete for prizes, and visit a 24/7 virtual club and social hub.

“At Universal Music Group, it is our mission to constantly innovate music discovery and re-discovery, while presenting unique opportunities to our artists. The Rolling Stones’ entrance to Beat Galaxy is a testament to our inventive approach toward music engagement,” said Alvaro Velilla, Senior Vice President of New Business at UMG. “We’re excited to reimagine the band’s work through this activation and inspire other artists and labels to explore the potential of virtual spaces for music and fans.”

The integration celebrates the band’s rich history while shaping the future of music discovery and fan interaction. Since its launch in December 2023, Beat Galaxy has become a landmark experience across genres, allowing artists to leverage their intellectual property in new and innovative ways. Supersocial, the developer of Beat Galaxy, has worked directly with artists like YUNGBLUD and Mae Stephens to bring their brands to life in a virtual setting. The Rolling Stones’ takeover builds on the previous success of artist integrations, which have collectively garnered over 84 million impressions from immersive ads on Roblox and attracted 500,000 unique visitors.

“We are thrilled to bring one of the most storied rock bands of all time to Roblox. This collaboration not only highlights the versatility of Beat Galaxy but also the continued impact the virtual experience is making for artists, both new and world-famous,” said Yonatan Raz-Fridman, founder and CEO of Supersocial. “With the ongoing success of Beat Galaxy, we continue to underscore that artists can engage with fans in new and meaningful ways in the metaverse.”

The Rolling Stones’ takeover in Beat Galaxy aims to bridge the gap between rock music legends and younger generations, featuring experiences and gameplay surrounding the band’s greatest hits, exclusive virtual merchandise, and premium avatar items. This initiative marks a significant step in how iconic music can be experienced and appreciated in the digital realm.

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