23 of the Best Hyperpop Songs You Can’t Miss

by Patria
Charli XCX and Troye Sivan

Hyperpop is a genre that has rapidly gained traction in the music world, characterized by its exaggerated, synthetic sounds and boundary-pushing creativity. With its roots in various electronic subgenres and pop, hyperpop creates a vibrant, eclectic soundscape that challenges traditional music norms. Here, we explore the 23 best hyperpop songs of all time, delving into the essence of each track and its contribution to this avant-garde genre.

23 of the Best Hyperpop Songs

1. Sophie – “Immaterial”

Sophie, a pioneer of the hyperpop movement, crafted “Immaterial” as a celebration of fluidity and freedom. This track is an exhilarating ride through bouncy synths and playful vocal manipulation, epitomizing the genre’s experimental spirit. The song’s ability to blend high-energy production with a message of self-identity and liberation makes it a standout, showcasing Sophie’s unparalleled talent in pushing musical boundaries.

2. 100 gecs – “Money Machine”

100 gecs brought hyperpop into the mainstream with “Money Machine,” a track that epitomizes the chaotic energy and surrealism of the genre. The song’s distorted beats and hyperactive, almost nonsensical lyrics create an infectious energy that is impossible to ignore. It challenges listeners with its unconventional structure, making it a quintessential anthem that perfectly encapsulates hyperpop’s ethos of boundary-breaking creativity.

3. Charli XCX – “Vroom Vroom”

“Vroom Vroom” by Charli XCX, produced by Sophie, is a sleek, high-energy track that blends hyperpop’s futuristic sounds with Charli’s signature pop flair. The song’s pulsating beat and catchy chorus drive forward with an unapologetic confidence, cementing its place as a landmark in hyperpop. This track showcases how hyperpop can seamlessly merge with mainstream pop, making it accessible while still retaining its avant-garde essence.

4. A.G. Cook – “Show Me What”

A.G. Cook, the head of the PC Music label, crucial to the hyperpop scene, delivers “Show Me What” with an infectious beat and bright, layered production. The track’s whimsical melodies and experimental soundscapes exemplify the genre’s playful and innovative nature. Cook’s ability to create a sound that is both intricate and accessible demonstrates why he is a pivotal figure in the hyperpop movement.

5. Slayyyter – “Mine”

Slayyyter’s “Mine” combines glossy production with catchy, irreverent lyrics, making it a standout track in hyperpop. Her unique blend of nostalgia and modernity captures the essence of the genre, bringing a fresh yet familiar sound. The song’s infectious energy and bold attitude reflect Slayyyter’s ability to create music that is both innovative and deeply engaging, resonating with a wide audience.

6. Dorian Electra – “Flamboyant”

Dorian Electra’s “Flamboyant” is a bold, gender-defying anthem that merges hyperpop’s maximalist production with flamboyant visual aesthetics. The song is a celebration of individuality and non-conformity, characterized by its dynamic beats and exuberant style. Electra’s unique approach to music and visual art pushes the boundaries of both, making “Flamboyant” a significant contribution to the hyperpop genre.

7. GFOTY – “Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It”

GFOTY (Girlfriend of the Year) offers an irreverent take on pop with “Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It.” The track’s erratic structure and hyperactive beats exemplify hyperpop’s penchant for breaking musical conventions. This song’s playful unpredictability and bold sound design make it a compelling listen, capturing the experimental essence that defines hyperpop.

8. Kim Petras – “Heart to Break”

While more polished than some of her peers, Kim Petras’s “Heart to Break” is a hyperpop gem. The song combines Petras’s powerful vocals with glistening synths and an infectious melody, creating a perfect balance between pop and hyperpop. Its polished production and emotional depth make it a standout track that bridges the gap between mainstream appeal and hyperpop’s experimental edge.

9. Hannah Diamond – “Attachment”

Hannah Diamond’s “Attachment” is a sentimental exploration of love and longing, wrapped in shimmering production and pristine vocals. The song is a testament to hyperpop’s ability to convey deep emotion through synthetic sounds. Diamond’s delicate voice and the song’s lush, emotive arrangement create a poignant listening experience that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

10. Laura Les – “Haunted”

As one half of 100 gecs, Laura Les delivers solo tracks that are equally impactful. “Haunted” features her signature autotuned vocals and glitchy production, creating a haunting yet catchy tune. The song’s eerie atmosphere and innovative use of electronic elements highlight Les’s ability to push the boundaries of hyperpop, creating music that is both intriguing and accessible.

11. Ecco2k – “Peroxide”

Ecco2k’s “Peroxide” is a dreamy, ethereal track that blends hyperpop with elements of cloud rap and experimental music. The song’s delicate vocals and atmospheric production offer a more introspective take on the genre. Ecco2k’s unique soundscape creates a sense of otherworldliness, making “Peroxide” a standout track that expands the emotional and sonic possibilities of hyperpop.

12. Food House (Gupi & Fraxiom) – “Thos Moser”

“Thos Moser” by Food House is a frenetic, genre-blending track that perfectly captures the chaotic energy of hyperpop. The song’s rapid-fire lyrics and unpredictable beats make it an exhilarating listen. Gupi and Fraxiom’s collaboration brings together their distinct styles, resulting in a track that is both innovative and highly engaging, pushing the limits of what hyperpop can be.

13. Alice Longyu Gao – “Rich Bitch Juice”

Alice Longyu Gao’s “Rich Bitch Juice” is a fierce, empowering anthem with bold lyrics and a relentless beat. The track’s unapologetic attitude and high-octane production are quintessentially hyperpop. Gao’s distinctive voice and fearless approach to music make this song a powerful statement of individuality and strength, embodying the rebellious spirit of the genre.

14. Rina Sawayama – “XS”

Rina Sawayama’s “XS” combines elements of hyperpop with early 2000s R&B and rock. The song’s satirical take on consumerism, paired with its glitzy production, makes it a standout in her discography and the hyperpop genre. Sawayama’s ability to blend genres seamlessly and deliver a critical message through her music demonstrates her versatility and innovative spirit.

15. Namasenda – “Dare”

Namasenda’s “Dare” is a high-energy track that showcases her unique vocal style and hyperpop’s vibrant production. The song is a bold declaration of confidence and individuality, with its dynamic beats and catchy hooks. Namasenda’s powerful presence and the song’s infectious energy make “Dare” a significant addition to the hyperpop landscape.

16. Arca – “Time”

Arca’s “Time” is an avant-garde masterpiece that blends hyperpop with experimental and electronic elements. The track’s intricate production and haunting vocals create a captivating, otherworldly atmosphere. Arca’s innovative approach to music and sound design pushes the boundaries of the genre, making “Time” a profoundly impactful and thought-provoking track.

17. Kero Kero Bonito – “Flamingo”

Kero Kero Bonito’s “Flamingo” is a playful, whimsical track that combines hyperpop’s bright production with catchy, childlike lyrics. The song’s lightheartedness and creativity make it a favorite among fans, showcasing the band’s ability to create music that is both fun and artistically rich. The track’s infectious charm and imaginative soundscape capture the essence of hyperpop’s joyful experimentation.

18. QT – “Hey QT”

“Hey QT” is a collaboration between SOPHIE and A.G. Cook, featuring the fictional character QT. The song’s bubbly production and catchy chorus are a perfect representation of hyperpop’s synthetic, futuristic sound. The track’s playful concept and innovative production techniques highlight the genre’s ability to create immersive and engaging musical experiences.

19. Tommy Cash – “X-Ray”

Tommy Cash’s “X-Ray” blends hyperpop with elements of hip-hop and experimental music. The track’s eccentric lyrics and unpredictable production create a unique and compelling listening experience. Cash’s distinctive style and bold approach to music make “X-Ray” a standout track that pushes the boundaries of what hyperpop can encompass.

20. Planet 1999 – “Party”

“Party” by Planet 1999 is a dreamy, euphoric track that combines hyperpop’s lush production with nostalgic, shoegaze-inspired sounds. The song’s atmospheric quality sets it apart in the hyperpop landscape, creating a serene yet dynamic listening experience. Planet 1999’s ability to blend different sonic elements seamlessly makes “Party” a captivating and innovative addition to the genre.

21. Poppy – “Concrete”

Poppy’s “Concrete” is a genre-defying track that blends hyperpop with metal and rock elements. The song’s abrupt shifts in style and intensity exemplify hyperpop’s experimental nature. Poppy’s fearless approach to music and her ability to merge disparate genres create a powerful and dynamic track that challenges listeners’ expectations and redefines the boundaries of hyperpop.

22. Osno1 – “Friendship”

Osno1’s “Friendship” is a high-energy track that captures the playful and experimental spirit of hyperpop. The song’s glitchy production and catchy hooks make it an infectious listen. Osno1’s innovative sound design and bold musical choices highlight the genre’s potential for creativity and individuality, making “Friendship” a notable track in the hyperpop scene.

23. Umru – “popular” (feat. osno1)

Umru’s “popular,” featuring osno1, is a bold and vibrant track that showcases hyperpop’s eclectic sound. The song’s dynamic production and engaging vocals create an immersive listening experience. Umru’s skillful blending of various electronic elements and osno1’s distinctive voice make “popular” a standout track that captures the essence of hyperpop’s innovative and genre-defying spirit.

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Hyperpop is a genre that thrives on innovation and boundary-pushing creativity. These 23 songs represent the diverse sounds and styles that make hyperpop such an exciting and dynamic genre. From the pioneering works of SOPHIE and 100 gecs to the bold, genre-defying tracks of newer artists, hyperpop continues to evolve and inspire, challenging our perceptions of what pop music can be. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the genre, these songs are essential listening for anyone looking to explore the vibrant world of hyperpop.

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