Nicki Minaj refused to Sing “Starships” at New Year’s Eve Show

by Patria

In a surprising move during a New Year’s Eve celebration at E11EVEN in Miami, Florida, Nicki Minaj opted out of performing her 2012 chart-topping hit, “Starships.” The acclaimed Anaconda rapper, expressing her disapproval of the song, referred to it as “stupid” during the event on Sunday.

A TikTok video posted this week captured the moment when Nicki, with apparent reluctance, began singing the initial lines of “Starships” before abruptly halting the performance. Addressing the audience, the 41-year-old artist declared, “Hold on. I don’t perform that song no more, y’all. I don’t like it. What y’all want me to do? Stupid song.” The crowd’s disappointment was palpable as Nicki transitioned into her 2010 hit, “Super Bass.”

The track “Starships,” featured on her Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album, achieved significant success, peaking at No. 5 on the Hot 100 and maintaining a presence on the chart for 31 weeks.

Post-show, fans took to TikTok to share their reactions to Nicki Minaj’s candid disapproval of her own hit song. One fan expressed a sense of sadness, stating, “It makes me sad when artists say they don’t like their most popular song. That song gave you tons of sales, fans, and recognition, at least respect it.” Another fan empathized with Nicki’s perspective, noting, “I don’t blame her; it’s dated and would get annoying to perform all the time.”

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