“Hackney Diamonds (Live Edition)” released by the Rolling Stones

by Patria

The Rolling Stones have announced the forthcoming release of Hackney Diamonds (Live Edition). The album will feature all 7 tracks performed at last month’s launch event at Racket in New York City.

The 2CD format will be released on January 19 and will include the first performances of 4 tracks from the new album, including “Sweet Sounds of Heaven” (featuring Lady Gaga), as well as performances of “Shattered,” “Tumbling Dice” and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

In addition to critical acclaim for the album, the 30-minute performance at Racket received rave reviews: “Everyone knew they had just witnessed something historic.” – Rolling Stone

The Stones recently released a lyric video for “Bite My Head Off,” which features footage from the Racket as well as never-before-seen studio footage of Paul McCartney from the recording sessions for the album.

Hackney Diamonds (Live Edition) track listing:

CD 1

1. Angry

2. Get Close

3. Dependent on you

4. Bite my head off

5. Whole wide world

6. Dreamy skies

7. Mess It Up

8. Live By The Sword

9. Driving Me Too Hard

10. Tell Me Straight

11. Sweet Sounds of Heaven (featuring Lady Gaga)

12. Rolling Stone Blues

CD2 – Live At Racket, NYC

1. Shattered (Live at Racket, NYC)

2. Angry (Live at Racket, NYC)

3. Whole Wide World (Live at Racket, NYC)

4. Tumbling Dice (Live at Racket, NYC)

5. Bite My Head Off (Live at Racket, NYC)

6. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Live at Racket, NYC)

7. Sweet Sounds of Heaven (featuring Lady Gaga) (Live at Racket, NYC)

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